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Long-arm Quilting Services

We do all our quilting on our HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen free motion long arm machine. All quilting is done free-motion, no computers are used. We generally follow the rule that if we can draw it, we can quilt it. We will work with you to find the best quilt design for your special quilt. 

When we receive your quilt, you will receive a written estimate detailing the costs so you will never be surprised by unexpected charges. 

The price of your quilt is determined by several factors. The longarm quilting fee is determined by the size of your quilt in square inches. An example is quilt top is 60" x 75" would be 4500 square inches. The cost of quilting for an edge to edge design is $.02cents/square inch x 4500 which comes to $90.00.


Other costs would include batting, thread, and binding services. You may choose your own batting, however, we do have Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting  available for purchase. Additional charges may apply for specialty fabrics, techniques, and preparation/repairs of the quilt top.

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Edge-to-Edge Quilting

From $0.02 per square inch (psi)

With edge-to-edge quilting, a single pattern is used on the entire quilt top. Designs are chosen to enhance or compliment your quilt pattern or fabric style.

Some quilt designs are more challenging, or require ruler work, potentially increasing the cost to $0.025 - $0.035 psi. We will reflect that in the initial estimate we provide to you.

Light Custom Quilting

From $0.025 psi

A single, edge-to-edge pattern is used for most of the quilt, but custom for parts, such as borders.

Custom Quilting

From $0.04 psi

Quilting specifically designed around your individual quilt. Typically, more than one design is used for the blocks, borders and sashing.​

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Batting and Backing Fabric

Current retail price of batting/fabric

You may provide your own batting, however, we do have Quilter's Dream 100% cotton batting and 80/20 cotton-polyester blend available for purchase. We can also order any other type of batting you wish.

Purple Leaf Quilts does have limited backing fabric options available to you for purchase. 

Please note that we require 3 extra inches of batting and backing fabric on each edge. If your quilt top is 60" x 60", your batting and backing will be 66" x 66".  


$2.00 per bobbin

First two bobbins are included. $2.00 per bobbin, after first two. Some patterns are very thread intensive and require additional bobbins.


Current retail price of fabric

We offer binding services. You may choose to provide binding and we will attach it, or we can make the binding for you and machine stitch it to the front and back.


If desired, we will machine stitch the binding to the front of the quilt for you to hand sew it to the back.  We do not provide hand-stitching services.

Preparation and Completion


($5.00 minimum)

This charge includes any necessary preparatory work for the quilt (e.g., pressing, layering, basting, squaring up) and all completion work (trimming, binding).


Average time/cost is as follows:

  • layering/basting (1 hour, $20)

  • trimming (15 minutes, $5)

  • binding (making the binding and machine stitch both sides) (2 hours, $40) 

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